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Muslim Counselling Services

Muslim counseling services for couples, individuals, and groups. Focused on solution-based counseling, Sayyid Sameer works with you to provide empathic listening and create a safe space to explore emotional trauma, relationships, conflicts, and strengths. He provides spiritual guidance and emotional support by guiding toward harmony and peace for individuals and relationships.

Sayyid Sameer Ali is a muslim counselor and board certified chaplain trained in providing emotional assessment and spiritual care. He has been serving the population in N America since 2010 and has served communities across the country. He is has also to published on Islamic spirituality and history. 

As an ordained Imam/Alim, he provides religious guidance along with clinical expertise in his solution-based.
counseling sessions. He is also trained as a grief counselor.

Price: First counseling session free (30 mins). Set of 4 sessions of 45 mins: $425 AUD.



Flourish with Muslim Life Coaching

Have you ever heard of positive psychology? Positive psychology is less focused on fixing problems, rather it is an approach to defining your potential, & capacity to improve I've always had a deep passion for helping others and assisting them to become the best version themselves. Utilising Years of experience with hundreds of people, and learning the tools necessary for this growth and development. My goal is to help YOU shift your life from your current state to where YOU want to be. With genuine care and support for your goals and aspirations, I will be there to help you condition your life to suit those goals!  Equipped with a life coaching degree from TLCC (The life coaching college),  My promise is to deliver the results necessary for you to Progress to becoming the best version of yourself. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully to add value you your life.

As a passionate and committed community volunteer, entrepreneur and scout director and leader I have had the opportunity to work with people from a variety of multicultural backgrounds achieving excellent results in community relations, conflict resolution as well as youth development projects. In addition, being bilingual, has enabled me to broaden the range of people I have the potential to work with. My goal moving forward is to utilize the combination of tertiary education and work experience I have, to enable me to pursue a career which allows me to develop my potential in a supportive and progressive environment.


Three-Session Package: $500 
Eight session Package: $800
Twelve session package: $1000



Push Through Your Difficulties

Shaykh Hamid Waqar utilises his studies in the Islamic seminary and his degree in psychology to assist you to push through the difficulties you are facing and flourish in life. The program Shaykh developed consists of ten sessions, each session teaching you one piece of the puzzle towards spiritual and psychological health. 

Price: $1500 for the ten session package. 

Stay tuned for psychology packages offered through Medicare and psychometric assessments needed to qualify for NDIS support.