The Reason behind Acts of Worship | Sayyidah Zahra (a)

Last night I was blessed to attend a majlis commemorating the Shahadat of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (a). Shaykh Muhammad Dhaini beautifully recited Dua Tawassul with a majlis for Sayyida Zahra (a) and then gave an interactive talk about the sermon that she gave after Fadak was wrongfully taken from her. With all of controversy surrounding the Lady of Heaven film, we should be motivated to learn more about this amazing personality. One part of the sermon that stood out to me was the reasons behind various acts of worship and beliefs. The following is an excerpt from the sermon:

Sayyida Fatimah Zahra (a) said:

- Prayer has been prescribed to keep you away from pride,

- Charity has been prescribed to purify one's self and results in an increase in sustenance,

- Fasting has been prescribed to reinforce genuineness,

- Hajj has been prescribed to establish the religion,

- Justice has been prescribed to establish humanity in people's hearts,

- Obedience to us (the Ahlul Bayt (a) has been prescribed to create order in the community,

- Immamat has bee prescribed to save people from differences,

- Jihad is the honour of Islam and a humiliation for the people of polytheism and hypocrisy,

- Patience has been prescribed as a medium for recompense,

- Bidding the right has been prescribed for the general welfare of society,

- Righteousness with one's parents has been prescribed to safeguard one against divine wrath,

- Kindness with relatives has been prescribed to increase one's lifespan and increase friends,

- Retribution has been prescribed to safe-guard people's lives,

- Fulfilment of vows has been prescribed to lead towards forgiveness,

- Consideration of the accuracy in financial measurement has been prescribed to save from loss,

- Intoxicants have been prohibited to protect humanity from filth,

- Adultery has been prohibited to protect one from the divine curse,

- Robbery has been prohibited to ensure the purity of one's hands,

- Polytheism has been prohibited to ensure sincerity is established."

She (a) continues: Thus, fear Allah as you should and see that you die not, but as Muslims. Obey Allah regarding his orders and prohibitions for surely only those of his servants are conscious of Allah who are endowed with knowledge..."

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