Will Heaven become Boring?

The Gardens of Heaven have been described vividly in the Quran, for instance: “…for them shall be gardens with streams running in them…,” (Quran, 2:25) “…a paradise [garden] as vast as the heavens and the earth…,” (Quran, 3:133) or “…gardens with streams running in them, to remain in them [forever] and good dwellings in the Gardens of Eden…” (Quran, 9:72)

The description of heaven in the Quran also includes constant greetings of peace, “They will not hear therein any vain talk or sinful speech, but only the watchword, ‘Peace!’ ‘Peace,” (Quran, 56:25-26), family, “The Gardens of Eden, which they will enter along with whoever is righteous from among their ancestors, their spouses, and their descendants…” (Quran, 13:23), amazing companions “…of the prophets and the truthful, the martyrs and the righteous, and excellent companions are they” (Quran, 4:69), pleasurable seating arrangements “They will be reclining on arrayed couches, and we will wed them to big-eyed houris,” (Quran, 52:20), and basically anything that one asks for they will have “…and you will have in it whatever your souls desire, and you will have in it whatever you ask for. (Quran, 41:31)

Still, the question remains, will this heaven get old? Will it becoming boring after 10 years? After 100 years? After 10,000 years? After a million years? Let's examine boredom to find an answer...